Greek Market FAQs

Will I receive my order by Christmas/Easter?

During festive periods carrier services are stretched to the limit and our Standard delivery service times do not apply.

Our Next Business Day service, however, can provide you with a priority service.

For more information, please check our Delivery Options & Rates

Prime members orders are not affected.

Can I add to an order once it has been placed?

At Greek Market we pride ourselves on the speed at which we get your order on its way to you, so once an order has been placed you cannot add to it as it slows down our dispatch time.

I have a bag of shopping I didn’t order

Please let us know and we'll track down who it belongs to. We won't be able to collect it from you at the moment but, thanks to your honesty, we'll be able to help the customer who's missing it.

How do I find Greek products?

There are a number of ways you can search for Greek products on Greek Market:

  1. By category. All the products we stock are grouped into categories. If you choose 'All Departments' at the header (top-left) of the page, several new tabs will appear below it, each one representing a different group of products. If you hover over each new tab, you'll be able to see products grouped under that category.
  2. Product search. You'll find a search box at the header of the page (it's the one with the little orange magnifying glass symbol). So, if you're looking for a particular product, simply type the name of the item into the product search box and click on the orange 'Search' button. You can search for a category of products too.
  3. Search as you type. Our highly sophisticated internal search engine also offers you with instant results as you type in the search field, found in the header of the page.
  4. Daily Deals. You can also search for Greek products and groceries that are on offer using the 'Daily Deals' tab at the top of the page.
  5. Greek Brands. Find your favourite Greek products by searching by browsing the 'Greek Brands' tab.
Can I request a product?

Of course you can. Just fill in this form and it'll be sent to our Buying team to review. If enough people express an interest, we may start stocking it.

Do you take back old electricals?

We don’t, but you can recycle your electrical and electronic devices for free at your local recycling centre. To find your nearest centre, visit the website of your local authority.

How do you deliver frozen products?

We deliver frozen products via reputable courier companies within 24 hours (UK only) using special packaging that ensures frozen items are fine for at least 24 hours from dispatch.

Upon delivery, temperature is naturally increased slightly. This is the equivalent to the time it takes to get frozen items from the supermarket to the freezer at home (1 to 2 hours). As long as gel packs are still mostly hard when your order arrives, frozen items will also be within the permitted temperature range (well below 0°C) for safe consumption and/or home freezing for up to a month or 24-48 hours in the fridge.

Products have different properties and density and some might feel softer than others when you unpack them. The condition of gel packs, which keep the frozen items safe for consumption, is the only reliable indicator of temperature. As long as gel packs are still mostly hard, frozen items are also safe.
Is packaging for frozen products safe?
Yes, your frozen items are packed and dispatched 24 hours the most before they reach your door using special, temperature-control non-toxic, suitable for food containers and gel packs.
Food Containers:
  • Highly reflective, double-layered true aluminium foil box liners for maximum insulation.
  • Recyclable, Re-usable. Keep them for free.

Gel Packs

  • Comprised of an internal water-based polymer gel, which remains frozen for a long period of time and a layer of LDPE which is safe for food contact, has high impact strength and is resistant against chemicals.
  • Recyclable, Re-usable. Keep them for free.
What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Visa Delta, Visa Debit, Switch, American Express.
All payments are secure and processed by Stripe.

You may also shop with your prepaid "Funds" (credit) and accumulated "Drachmas" (loyalty points).
Funds and Drachmas cannot be used in conjunction with a Prime membership.

We no longer accept Paypal and direct bank transfers.

When will you charge me for my shopping?

Your card will be charged within 24 hours from ordering, since stock is strictly controlled, reserved for you. In case of unexpected stock shortages or defective material, a full refund will be issued immediately without delays (banking timeframes vary) and you will be notified accordingly.