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Terms & Conditions

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Agreement Terms

These terms and conditions define the entirety of the agreement between you, the customer, and By placing an order on our website, you consent to be governed by the terms and conditions as stipulated below.

Legal Disclaimer

While endeavours to ensure the accuracy of product information, we are not the manufacturer of the products sold on our website unless explicitly stated in the product description. Manufacturers may update their product details, and the actual product packaging and materials may provide different information than what is shown on our site. It is essential that customers consult labels, warnings, and directions provided with the product before use or consumption, rather than solely relying on the information available on our website. For specific product-related enquiries, it’s best to contact the product manufacturer. This disclaimer does not undermine your statutory rights.

Formation of Contract

  1. operates under the trading name of Greek Market Ltd, United Kingdom. Our primary objective is to deliver authentic Greek products to customers in the UK and across the globe.
  2. A contract for the supply of goods becomes active only when sends an email confirming that your order has been dispatched. This does not include our initial order receipt email. The confirmation email signifies an acceptance by, and its effectiveness is irrespective of whether you receive the email or not.
  3. It’s worth noting that items available through might be dispatched by other partners, associates, or affiliates of Greek Market Ltd, contingent on stock availability. This arrangement will be clarified in the dispatch email.
  4. holds the right to retract from a potential contract at any point before acceptance.
  5. Additionally, reserves the exclusive right to decline service, terminate accounts, revoke your access to services, edit or remove content, or cancel orders at its discretion.

Pricing and Availability

  1. While makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of pricing and availability of products, there might be instances where errors occur. Should a product be priced incorrectly or the availability be misrepresented, we reserve the right to correct such discrepancies.
  2. In the event an order is placed for a product with an incorrect price or misrepresented availability, will notify you prior to dispatch. You will then have the option to confirm the order with the updated information or cancel it without any penalties.
  3. All prices on the platform include VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Delivery costs, however, will be charged in addition, and the final total will be clearly displayed during the checkout process.
  4. Please note that dispatch estimates are just that – estimates. They are not guaranteed dispatch times and should not be relied upon as such. We will inform you promptly if there are any changes in the estimated dispatch date.


  1. accepts a variety of payment methods for your convenience, including major credit and debit cards, as well as some third-party payment platforms.
  2. All payments made on our website are secure. We use advanced encryption technologies to ensure that your financial information remains confidential and is not shared with any third parties without your express consent.
  3. Payments made to are processed immediately upon receiving your order. This is to reserve the products specifically for your order, even if dispatch may be scheduled for a later date. In the unlikely event that we are unable to fulfil your order partly or fully, any amounts paid will be refunded acordingly.

Our Prices

All prices displayed on are inclusive of any applicable taxes. Currently, there is no minimum spend requirement per order.


Should a product be unavailable both at and our suppliers, we’ll promptly inform you via email. Please be aware that product availability may vary and can change without prior notice.

Refund Eligibility

Partial Refunds for Unavailable Products with Fixed Amount Discounts Applied
  1. Sometimes, may offer fixed amount discounts on your order total, such as £5 off on a £50 purchase.
  2. Our system, by design, distributes this discount proportionally across all products in your basket. Therefore, every item’s price on your receipt will be slightly reduced, sharing the total discount.
  3. For instance: On an order of two products priced at £25 each, with a total discount of £5, each product’s receipt price becomes £22.50, not £25.
  4. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, one of these products becomes unavailable, your refund will be based on the discounted receipt price, which in this example would be £22.50 and not the original price of £25.
  5. We acknowledge that this proportional discount application might create confusion. However, this ensures that the discount benefits are equally spread across all products you’ve chosen. It also ensures a fair refund based on the actual amount you paid.
  6. As always, if there are concerns or uncertainties regarding your refund, our dedicated customer service team stands ready to assist and clarify any issues.

Handling of Superficially Damaged Products

At, we are committed to delivering high-quality products to our customers. However, during the shipping and handling process, some products may incur superficial damage such as scratches or dents. We would like to clarify our policy on such items:

  1. Assessment of Product Integrity: If a product arrives with superficial damage (e.g., scratches, dents), it is important to assess whether the integrity of the product inside is compromised. If the damage is only to the exterior packaging and does not affect the safety, quality, or usability of the product, considers these items as fit for purpose.
  2. No Refund or Replacement for Superficial Damage: We do not offer refunds or replacements for products that have incurred superficial damage during transit. This includes, but is not limited to, scratches and dents on tins, cans, and boxes, where the contents inside remain intact and safe for use.
  3. Customer Reporting Process: If you receive a product that you believe is damaged, we request that you provide photographic evidence of the item. Our team will assess the damage to determine if it affects the product’s integrity. If it is found that the product’s contents are compromised or unusable due to the damage, we will address the issue in accordance with our refund, credit or replacement policy.
  4. Contact for Concerns: For any concerns about the condition of your received products, please contact our customer service team. We are here to ensure your satisfaction and address any queries regarding product condition.

Chocolate Products Dispatch Advisory

While the warmth of spring and summer is a delight, it also poses challenges for sending chocolate. Although we have avoided dispatching chocolate during these warmer months in the past, due to customer demand, we’ve chosen to proceed.

We frequently send chocolate during this season, and the majority arrives in perfect condition. However, given the uncontrollable temperatures in carrier warehouses and transport vehicles, there is a minimal risk of melting. While we’re offering these products on our site, please be aware that any damage due to heat will be the responsibility of the customer. Consequently, will not accept returns, issue refunds, or offer store credits for heat-damaged chocolates. Choose wisely.

Fresh/Frozen/Chilled Products Dispatch Advisory

If your order contains perishable items, avoid rescheduling delivery to alternative drop-off/collection points, dates, or addresses.

Rescheduling or altering the delivery details jeopardises the quality of these items, and affected products won’t be eligible for compensation. Modification to the original delivery address as specified by the customer at the time of order placement includes, but is not limited to:

  • Arranging with the Carrier for an Alternative Pickup Point: If a customer arranges with the delivery carrier to redirect the parcel to a pickup point, such as a local shop, depot or collection centre.
  • Requesting Delivery to a Neighbour: If the customer requests the carrier to deliver the parcel to a neighbour’s address.
  • Specifying a Safe Place for Parcel Drop-off: If the customer instructs the carrier to leave the parcel in a specified safe place at or near the delivery address.
  • Requesting Delivery on a Different Date.

It’s important to note that our products, particularly perishable items, require careful handling and controlled conditions. Any deterioration in quality, especially for refrigerated and frozen goods, will not qualify for refunds or replacements. Any changes to the delivery address post-dispatch can compromise the quality and safety of these products. Therefore, if a customer chooses to make any such alterations, they do so at their own risk. Greek Market will not be responsible for any delays, cancellations, damages, or losses that occur as a result of these changes. The responsibility for any issues arising from such address and/or delivery date changes lies solely with the customer.

We strongly advise customers to provide accurate and complete delivery information at the time of ordering and to communicate any necessary delivery instructions to ensure the safe and timely arrival of their order.

Fresh/Frozen/Chilled Dispatch Advisory for Apartments and Flats

Choosing your preferred delivery day/date is a privilege we extend to our customers, and we do our utmost to honour these requests. However, if you reside in a block of flats or apartments, with or without a concierge service, it’s vital that you ensure our carrier can access the building to deliver your order.

If, for any reason, our carrier is unable to gain entry due to issues like an unavailable concierge or an inaccessible entrance, they might leave the parcel with a neighbour or in a nearby safe place or worse take the parcel back to the depot. In such circumstances:

  1. It becomes the customer’s responsibility to retrieve the parcel from the neighbour or the designated safe location or from the carrier’s depot.
  2. will not be held accountable for any issues arising from the customer’s inability or unwillingness to collect their parcel from these alternative delivery spots.
  3. Affected orders will not qualify for replacements, refunds, or compensations.

Your cooperation in this matter helps us maintain our commitment to swift and secure deliveries, ensuring you receive your Greek treasures in prime condition.

Fresh/Frozen/Chilled Dispatch Advisory for Non-Standard Addresses

At, we understand that not all delivery addresses are conventional. Aside from blocks of flats or apartments, we also cater to customers residing at addresses that may have unique access considerations, such as gated communities, commercial premises, shared access buildings, or other non-standard residential layouts.

To ensure that your delivery experience is seamless, please provide clear and detailed access instructions at the time of your order and at the time prior to delivery. This includes information on gate codes, specific entry points, and any other pertinent details that will assist our carrier in delivering your order directly to you.

In the event that our carrier is unable to deliver due to lack of access information, or if the address provided is not easily identifiable or accessible (e.g., a door leading to a car park without clear residential indication), the following will apply:

  • The carrier may leave the parcel with a nearby neighbour, in a safe location, or return it to the depot.
  • The responsibility to collect the parcel from the alternative location or depot falls on the customer.
  • cannot be held responsible for delivery issues stemming from incomplete or unclear address instructions.
  • Orders impacted by such delivery challenges will be exempt from replacement, refund, or compensation.

We request your active participation in providing accurate delivery details to prevent any inconvenience. Your assistance is crucial in upholding our promise of prompt and reliable delivery of the authentic Greek products you love.

Delivery Address Change Advisory

Post-dispatch, we can’t modify the delivery address and strongly advise against any unauthorised changes. Such alterations can lead to delays, cancellations, damages, or lost parcels, for which Greek Market will not be responsible. In such scenarios, recipients bear the responsibility and consequences of unauthorised changes.


When a Greek product has not yet been released by the manufacturer or producer, you have the option to pre-order it with us. This ensures that you’ll be among the first to receive the product once it’s available.

Please note the following important points about pre-ordering:

  • Immediate Payment: Payment for pre-orders is taken at the time of placing the order, securing your product once it becomes available.
  • Cancellation Policy: We understand that circumstances can change, and you might need to cancel your pre-order. However, due to the administrative and logistical efforts involved in managing pre-orders, a cancellation fee of 15% of the product price will be charged. This is to cover processing fees and other associated costs.

We appreciate your understanding and commitment to securing your desired Greek products through!

Delivery Options & Rates

Currently, is proud to serve customers across Britain. However, due to the complexities brought about by Brexit, we regret to inform our customers that we’ve had to temporarily cease deliveries to Northern Ireland until further notice.

Please see our Delivery Options & Rates page for more details and up-to-date information.

Our Delivery Options include:

  • PRIME: Our top-tier delivery option, Free Saturday & Next Working Day Delivery on all orders, 10% off on all products, exclusively available to Greek Market Prime members.
  • UNLIMITED: Free Next Working Day (Mon-Fri) Delivery on orders over £49, available only to Unlimited members
  • PRIORITY UK: Next Working Day (Mon-Fri) Delivery for mainland Britain.
  • FREE UK: 2 to 3 working days service, available for all orders over £49, catering only to mainland Britain.

Please be aware that our standard shipping options and rates are subject to change during the festive periods of Christmas and Easter.

Delivery Times

Pioneering a premium service, Greek Market stands as the world’s first Greek supermarket outside of Greece to offer precise delivery date choices. When placing your order, you can specify your preferred delivery date up to 2 weeks in advance, choosing from Weekday, Saturday, or Next Business Day delivery services.

From dispatch to your doorstep, our delivery typically takes less than 24 hours, operating from Monday to Saturday. To ensure a seamless delivery experience:

  • Double-check your address details to ensure they are complete and accurate. We cannot be held responsible for any delivery hiccups due to incorrect or incomplete address information.
  • We kindly request that you avoid using PO Box addresses as we cannot facilitate deliveries to them.

Customs Charges

While we ensure a seamless shopping experience at, we must clarify that we cannot bear responsibility for any Customs charges that might be levied by authorities outside the UK. Please be aware of the customs regulations of your residing country before placing an order.


For orders involving tangible goods, you have the right to cancel your purchase within 7 days of receiving your items, granting an additional 7 days (totalling 14 days) to return them. To qualify for a refund:

  • Items must be unopened.
  • Items must be in a resaleable condition.

We will promptly refund the purchase price of the goods. However, this cancellation policy does not apply to fresh, chilled, frozen, or other perishable products. Should you choose to return items without a legitimate cause, the associated delivery costs will not be covered by


At, we aim to make your shopping journey straightforward and hassle-free. We willingly accept returns for items that are:

  • Unwanted*
  • Defective
  • Damaged

*This does not encompass fresh, chilled, frozen, perishable, or seasonal products.

For effective processing, securely wrap any product intended for return, avoiding potential damage. Include a description of the problem encountered and your original invoice. We commit to covering postage costs for defective items, but this does not extend to items returned due to a change of heart. Should a product become unavailable, we will duly credit your account. Be advised that all returned products undergo inspection; items found neither defective nor damaged will be sent back at your expense.

Unauthorised Returns

While we pride ourselves on offering a tailored delivery experience (nominated-day delivery), there are instances when parcels are returned to us by the carrier without prior agreement. It’s essential for customers to ensure that our carrier has access to the building. When parcels are returned to us without Greek Market’s agreement, these constitute unauthorised returns. Potential causes include:

  1. Absence During Delivery: Particularly in blocks of flats with or without a concierge service, customers might be absent during their chosen delivery day, leading to missed deliveries.
  2. Multiple Failed Attempts: Carriers might repeatedly face barriers such as unavailable concierges or locked main doors, resulting in failed deliveries.
  3. Ignored Communications: Customers neglecting or overlooking the carrier’s SMS or email notifications can lead to delivery issues.
  4. Inaccessible Delivery Points: In gated communities or secure apartment blocks, the carrier might struggle to access the delivery point without coordination.
  5. Doorbell or Access Code Issues: Missed deliveries can occur due to a faulty or inaudible doorbell. Additionally, if buildings require access codes and they’re not provided or are incorrect, it can prevent delivery.
  6. Refusal of Delivery: Some recipients might decline to accept the parcel without a clear reason, especially if unaware of a gift being sent.
  7. Providing Incorrect Address/Recipient Name: Mistakes in address details or naming a recipient who isn’t expecting a parcel can lead to unauthorised returns.
  8. Change of Delivery Location: Redirecting the delivery post-dispatch, especially to a different address, building or complex, can introduce complications.
  9. Inadequate Safe Place Instructions: Without clear “safe place” directions, carriers might hesitate to leave the package.
  10. Delayed Collection: If parcels are redirected to a collection point, they need to be picked up within the stipulated 24-hour window.

For each unauthorised return, a carrier cost of £12 per parcel will be applied, which unfortunately the customer must bear. We will offer refunds for the returned products, with the exception of fresh, chilled, frozen, or perishable items. Note that delivery and packaging costs are not refundable.

Privacy retains certain information about our customers to process orders you place with us and ensure a seamless service upon your return to our site. The information you provide during registration will not be sold, lent, or otherwise disseminated beyond and the resources required to fulfil your order. We strive to protect any data we hold. Credit and Debit card details are entered on a secure server using SSL technology, facilitated by Stripe. Any credit card processing company you choose will securely handle your credit and debit card details, guaranteeing all transactions. We adhere to the principles of the Data Protection Act, which, in summary, stipulates that data shall be:

  • Fairly and lawfully processed.
  • Processed for specific purposes.
  • Adequate, relevant, and not excessive.
  • Accurate and up-to-date.
  • Retained no longer than necessary.
  • Processed respecting the individual’s rights.
  • Kept securely.
  • Not transferred to other companies without your consent and adequate protection.


All content on this site is protected by International Copyright Laws. No part of this site may be copied, reproduced, distributed, redistributed, modified, displayed, or performed without prior written consent from offers this site as a shopping resource. It’s provided on an “as is” basis. No express or implied warranties relate to the provision of information or service on this site. shall not be liable for damages arising from the use or misuse of this site or any information therein. We reserve the right to amend this site, disclaimers, and terms and conditions at any time.

Modification of Terms reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without prior notice. Any modifications will be effective from their date of publication on the website.


Our site is continually adapting to better serve our customers. If you have queries regarding the products and services provided by, please contact us.

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