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Event Ticketing Services

Introducing Greek Market’s Event Ticketing Services: Your Gateway to Authentic Greek Experiences

Ever dreamt of immersing yourself in a Greek concert, food festival, or cultural seminar? Now you can do more than just savour the finest Greek foods and beverages with Greek Market. Welcome to Greek Market’s Event Ticketing Services—a seamless solution to all your event needs.

Why Choose Greek Market’s Event Ticketing Services?

By choosing Greek Market’s Event Ticketing Services, you’re securing more than just a ticket—you’re unlocking a genuine Greek experience, complete with the promise of quality and authenticity that only Greek Market can offer.

Embrace the full breadth of Greek culture today with Greek Market’s Event Ticketing Services—your one-stop destination for all things Greek!

For Event Organisers

  • Extended Reach: Gain immediate access to a devoted community passionate about Greek culture.

  • Hassle-Free Management: Let our platform handle ticketing, seating, and more, so you can focus on making your event unforgettable.

  • Promotional Support: Take advantage of our existing marketing channels to promote your event.

  • Financial Transparency: Benefit from a straightforward and transparent fee structure for listing your event.

How to Get Started as an Event Organiser

  1. Add your Event (Please Register or Login first).
  2. Event Review: Our team will review your event details and guide you through the onboarding process.
  3. Listing Creation: Once approved, your event will be listed on our platform.
  4. Promotion and Sales: Benefit from our marketing efforts and watch your ticket sales grow.

For Event-Goers

  • Complete Control: Skip the middlemen and enjoy full transparency in ticket sales. Know exactly where your money is going.

  • Effortless Management: Plan one or multiple events with ease, thanks to our user-friendly interface that takes care of seat assignments, ticket sales, and more.

  • Dynamic Pricing: Secure your seat early and save! Our system adapts prices based on ticket availability and how close the event date is, offering you the best value.

  • Secure and Reliable: Enjoy peace of mind with secure transactions and receive all the essential information you need for your event.

  • One-Stop Greek Experience: Consider bundling your event tickets with Greek products from our marketplace for a fully-rounded Greek experience.

How It Works for the User

  1. Choose Your Event: Browse our extensive list of curated Greek events.
  2. Select Your Preferences: Input necessary details such as location (for physical events) and type of seat.
  3. Make Your Purchase: Complete the seamless checkout process.
  4. Print or Download Your Ticket: Access your ticket in just a few clicks.

Greek Market Event Ticketing Service Features

  • Set a different price for each “Event ticket” product
  • Automatic stock management for ticket sales
  • Show the event start and end date on the product page
  • Insert one or more input fields to acquire information related to the ticket the user is purchasing
  • When the order completed the user will receive an automatic email including the ticket as an attachment
  • PDF of event ticket can be downloaded from “My Account” page
  • The user can view, download or print the ticket from “My Account” page
  • Barcode for each ticket
  • Track all the tickets sold
  • Take advantage of the integration with Google Calendar: the event is saved automatically in the buyer’s Google calendar
  • Enable the sale of full price and, optionally, reduced-price tickets for the event
  • Dynamic ticket  pricing
  • Allow selecting one or more additional services for the event: each service can have a cost and a limited availability
  • Link a location to the event through Google Map services
  • View the event organizers and the complete list of people who purchased one or more tickets in the event detail page
  • Enable file downloading after purchasing the ticket
  • Check-in service for the ticket holder

Ready to elevate your event to the next level?

Contact us to start your journey with Greek Market’s unparalleled Event Ticketing Services today!

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