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Melissa Makaroni excels in texture and taste, perfect for Greek recipes or simple pasta dishes. A versatile, high-quality staple for Greek cooking. 5/5 stars!
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Τα μακαρόνια είναι MISKO

Τα μακαρόνια είναι Misko

Ακάκιε, μην ξεχάσεις τα μακαρόνια να είναι Misko! Υπάρχει άραγε κανείς που να μην γνωρίζει αυτή την έκφραση από την ιστορική διαφήμιση της Misko με τον καλόγερο Ακάκιο πάνω στο γαϊδουράκι; Η χαρακτηριστική φιγούρα του καλόγερου Ακάκιου έγινε η πιο επιτυχημένη διαφήμιση ελληνικών ζυμαρικών και συνδέθηκε άμεσα στο μυαλό όλων των Ελλήνων με το όνομα […]

Ta radikia anapoda Τα ραδίκια ανάποδα

Τα ραδίκια ανάποδα

Chicory (Ελληνικά Χόρτα Ραδίκια) is considered a Greek delicacy of high nutritional value. This provocative advertisement was created for Greek Market by SNBC eMarketing department in July 2020. It has created a buzz in social media with thousands of comments. It emphasises the health benefits of eating chicory (ελληνικά χόρτα ραδίκια) by utilising the phrase […]

Violanta Greek Biscuits & Cookies Manufacturer, imported in the UK by Greek Market

Violanta Biscuits

Violanta Greek Biscuits: A Journey from a Local Bakery to Global Delight Unbeatable Quality in Every Crunchy Bite When it comes to finding an authentic taste of Greece wrapped up in a biscuit, Violanta Greek Biscuits are the go-to choice. Originating from a humble bakery in Trikala, situated at the heart of mainland Greece, these […]

ION Sokofreta Milk Chocolate Wafer / Σοκοφρέτα 38g


SOKOFRETA The Legacy of SOKOFRETA: A Greek Chocolate Delight Discover the Journey of ION’s Signature Wafer Creation When we speak about authentic Greek confectionery, the name that often pops up is ‘SOKOFRETA‘. Representing a harmonious blend of crispy wafer with rich chocolate, SOKOFRETA stands tall as one of the premium products from the house of […]

Amita Greek Market

Amita Juice

Greek Amita Juice A Symphony of Flavours Brought to You by Unleash the power of fruits with Amita juices, the renowned Greek brand now available in the UK. Made by 3E, a subsidiary of the Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company, Amita juices are a refreshingly authentic way to enjoy the natural goodness of fruits. […]

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