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Greek Market strives to deliver excellent customer service and high quality products direct to the homes of our customers. Suppliers play a key part in our ability to deliver this; as such, we treat our suppliers as part of the Greek Market team and work closely together.

  • Increase sales & acquire new customers

    ✔ Sell your products on the number 1 Greek products marketplace in Britain and the EU.
    ✔ Expand your customer base by reaching millions of users via and affiliates.
    ✔ Thanks to our business model, we’re not bound by traditional shelf space requirements – this lets us give independent, up-and-coming suppliers a chance in the spotlight, and a home in our aisles.

  • Gain a valuable partner

    ✔ Get access to Greek Market’s insights and analytics to understand your customers, demographics and demand for your products.
    ✔ Get access to our targeted sampling campaigns, graphic banners, social media, marketing material and more.
    ✔ If your application is accepted, our dedicated Greek Market team will work with you to do what you do best: design, produce and sell Greek products of the highest quality.

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