Edessis Halva Cocoa / Εδέσσης Χαλβάς Κακάο 800g


Edessis Halva Cocoa combines the nutty flavor of sesame with rich cocoa for a decadent twist on traditional Greek halva, offering a unique, chocolatey indulgence.

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Edessis Halva Cocoa: A Rich Chocolate Twist on a Classic

Dive into the Decadent Fusion of Cocoa and Sesame

Dive into the Decadent Fusion of Cocoa and Sesame

Edessis Halva Cocoa, presented in a substantial 800g package, is an innovative take on the classic Greek halva, blending the rich, comforting taste of cocoa with the distinctive, nutty flavour of sesame. This halva variation introduces a chocolatey dimension to the traditional dessert, making it a must-try for both chocolate lovers and halva aficionados alike.

A Unique Chocolate Experience

  • Deep Cocoa Flavor: The addition of cocoa to the traditional halva recipe enriches the taste with a deep, chocolatey flavour, offering a luxurious twist on the classic.
  • Perfectly Textured: Edessis Halva Cocoa retains the beloved crumbly yet moist texture of traditional halva, providing a satisfying mouthfeel with each bite.
  • Versatile Enjoyment: Enjoy it as a standalone treat, slice it onto a dessert platter, or incorporate it into baking for a unique flavour profile that elevates cakes, cookies, and more.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Crafted with the same commitment to quality and tradition that Edessis is known for, this Cocoa Halva is made using time-honoured techniques and the finest ingredients. The seamless blend of sesame and cocoa creates a dessert that’s not only indulgent but also steeped in cultural heritage.

The Comfort of Cocoa

Cocoa is renowned for its comforting properties and rich flavour, making it an ideal addition to the sesame-based halva. Edessis Halva Cocoa is a comforting, indulgent treat perfect for savouring during quiet moments, sharing with loved ones, or celebrating special occasions.

A Delight for the Senses

Edessis Halva Cocoa is more than just a dessert; it’s an experience for the senses, combining the aromatic allure of cocoa with the satisfying texture of halva. Each slice is a journey into a world of rich flavours and textures, where the heritage of halva meets the luxury of chocolate.

Celebrate Tradition with a Twist

Embrace the innovative blend of flavours in Edessis Halva Cocoa and discover a new way to enjoy the timeless tradition of Halva. Whether you’re a long-time fan of halva or new to this classic dessert, the cocoa version offers a delightful new perspective on a cherished tradition.

Indulge in the rich, chocolatey goodness of Edessis Halva Cocoa and let the unique fusion of cocoa and sesame transport you to a place of decadent delight.

Εδέσσης Χαλβάς Κακάο 800g

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