Pork Steak Bone / Μπριζόλες Χοιρινές Κόντρα 600g

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Pork Steak Bone-In: A Juicy Delight for Meat Lovers

Relish the Rich Flavours of Bone-In Pork Steak

Pork Steak Bone-In, offered in a generous 600g package, is a succulent and flavourful cut that promises to delight meat enthusiasts. Perfect for grilling, roasting, or frying, this cut combines the tender meat of pork with the rich flavours that only bone-in cooking can provide.

Unmatched Juiciness and Flavour
Cooking pork steak with the bone not only enhances its flavour but also ensures that the meat remains juicy and tender. The bone acts as a conductor of heat, cooking the meat evenly and infusing it with a depth of taste that boneless cuts simply cannot match.

Versatile Cooking Options
Whether you’re firing up the grill, setting the oven, or heating up the skillet, Pork Steak Bone-In is versatile enough to adapt to your preferred cooking method. Season it with your choice of herbs and spices to create a dish that’s uniquely yours.

A Hearty Meal for Any Occasion
Serving Pork Steak Bone-In is sure to impress, whether it’s the centrepiece of a family dinner, the star of a barbecue, or a special weekend treat. Pair it with sides of vegetables, potatoes, or a fresh salad for a well-rounded and satisfying meal.

Easy Preparation, Gourmet Results
Despite its gourmet appeal, preparing Pork Steak Bone-In is straightforward and rewarding. A simple seasoning of salt, pepper, and your favourite herbs is all it takes to prepare this cut for cooking, resulting in a dish that’s full of flavour.

Quality Meat for Quality Meals
Sourced from the finest pork, this 600g cut ensures that you’re getting a high-quality product. The attention to detail in selecting and preparing the meat guarantees a delicious and memorable dining experience.

Μπριζόλες Χοιρινές Κόντρα 600g

Freshly cut and prepared in Greece. Frozen for your convenience. 

Καταψύχεται φρέσκο την ημέρα κοπής για την ευκολία σας στην Ελλάδα!
Με τα ελληνικά πρότυπα, κατάλληλο για την ελληνική κουζίνα.

Το κρέας όπως το ξέρουμε!

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