Chrysi Zymi EPIRUS Herbs pie 850g / Χρυσή Ζύμη Χορτόπιτα Ηπείρου

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Experience the authentic tastes of EPIRUS with Chrysi Zymi Herbs Pie—a herbal medley wrapped in filo delight.

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Chrysi Zymi EPIRUS Herbs pie

Discover the Essence of EPIRUS in a Herb-Infused Pie

Step into the flavoursome universe of Chrysi Zymi EPIRUS Herbs Pie, the perfect blend of tradition and culinary innovation. Here’s what makes this herb pie an unparalleled choice.

  • Exotic Herbs: Handpicked from the heart of EPIRUS, these herbs bring authenticity to your plate.
  • Filo Mastery: The delicate layers of filo encapsulate the herbs in a perfect union of taste and texture.
  • Greek Culinary Heritage: The pie embodies the rich culinary culture of EPIRUS, making it a true taste of Greece.

What sets this Chrysi Zymi herb pie apart? For starters, it’s the meticulously selected range of herbs, straight from the lush meadows of EPIRUS. Whether it’s the aroma of oregano or the tang of thyme, each bite is a journey through the rich herbaceous landscapes of Greece.

Next, the pie’s exterior is no less remarkable. Filo pastry, golden and flaky, wraps around the herbal goodness, offering a wonderful contrast that dances on your palate.

Why Choose the EPIRUS Herbs Pie:

  • Suits both vegetarian and herbivore diets perfectly.
  • Ideal for any meal—breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Preservative-free, epitomizing the best of natural ingredients.

In essence, this herbs pie is not just a food item; it’s an experience, a culinary trip to the heart of EPIRUS. Set it on your table and watch it become the topic of dinner conversation.

Χορτόπιτα Ηπείρου με σπανάκι, αντίδια, ραδίκια, μυζήθρα & φέτα 850g

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