El Greco Black Tea Bergamot / Μαύρο Τσάι με Περγαμόντο 1.3g x20


El Greco Black Tea Bergamot 1.3x20g – where British tea tradition beautifully blends with the aromatic allure of Greek bergamot. Only at GreekMarket.co.uk.

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El Greco Black Tea Bergamot

A Fusion of British Tradition and Greek Bergamot 1.3x20g

Lose yourself in a unique blend where the cherished British tea culture intertwines with the aromatic essence of Greek bergamot. El Greco’s Black Tea with Bergamot offers more than just a brew; it’s an aromatic journey that traverses borders.

Black Tea with Bergamot Distinctive Features:

  • Bridging Cultures: Celebrating the timeless British tea ritual, accentuated with a splash of Mediterranean flair in the form of Greek bergamot.
  • Bold and Aromatic: The deep flavour of black tea is perfectly elevated by the citrusy undertones of bergamot.
  • Versatility in Every Sip: Crafted for those moments when you desire a warm comforting mug or even a chilled, invigorating drink.
  • Natural Companion: Intensify its character with a touch of honey, adding a natural sweetness that enhances every sip.
  • Generously Packed: 1.3x20g ensures your tea moments remain uninterrupted, be it solo reflections or shared conversations.

For those curious to explore further, try El Greco Black Tea with Pomegranate, another captivating blend to ignite your senses.

Μαύρο Τσάι με Περγαμόντο 1.3x20g

Εξαιρετικά απολαυστικό τσάι. Λατρεμένη αγγλική συνήθεια εδώ και πολλά χρόνια. Αρωματισμένο με ένα έντονο εσπεριδοειδές. Για ένα ζεστό ή κρύο ρόφημα. Προτιμήστε το με προσθήκη μελιού.

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