El Greco Black Tea with Pomegranate / Μαύρο Τσάι με Ρόδι 1.3g x20

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Delight in El Greco’s Black Tea with Pomegranate: a harmonious blend of rich Ceylon tea and aromatic Grecian pomegranate.

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El Greco Black Tea with Pomegranate

An Exquisite Fusion: Ceylon’s Finest Meets Grecian Pomegranate 20 x 1.3g

El Greco’s Black Tea with Pomegranate combines the rich heritage of Ceylon tea and the fruity aroma of Greek pomegranate. This fusion not only offers a unique tea experience but also brings together two cultures in a single cup.

Key features:

  • Premium Ceylon Black Tea: Handpicked for its rich flavour and aroma. This ensures a robust base for our blend.
  • Authentic Greek Pomegranate: Adding a vibrant twist to your tea. It elevates the experience with its light, fruity notes.
  • Versatility: Whether you prefer it hot on chilly evenings or as a chilled drink on warm days, this tea caters to all.
  • Perfect with Honey: Enhance its natural flavours by adding a hint of honey.

In essence, every sip of El Greco’s tea offers a delightful fusion of tradition and taste. It’s not just a beverage but a journey from Ceylon’s tea estates to Greece’s pomegranate orchards.

Μαύρο Τσάι με Ρόδι 20 x 1.3g

Το El Greco Συνδύασε το εξαιρετικής ποιότητας μαύρο τσάι Κεϋλάνης με το ανάλαφρο άρωμα ροδιού με στόχο την μεγαλύτερη απόλαυση. Για ένα ζεστό ή κρύο ρόφημα. Προτιμήστε το με προσθήκη μελιού.

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