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Amita Juice Froutopoto Sour Cherry / Βύσσινο 1L



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In stock

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A phone call, a sms or even an idea written between friends on Facebook, and almost immediately friends gathered at home for a joyful and happy evening. So simple and so spontaneously we can organize our most beautiful moments. In these moments we can enjoy our favorite Amita juices, that provide us with sweet taste and hydration in the most natural and enjoyable way. The refreshing Amita Peach, Amita Strawberry, Amita Banana flavors are ideal choices for all our friends, while at the same time are beneficial for our bodies due to the valuable vitamins they contain.

  • Juice drink
  • No preservatives
  • Available packaging: 1 L

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Weight 1.9 kg

1 review for Amita Juice Froutopoto Sour Cherry / Βύσσινο 1L

  1. Dawn (verified owner)

    Love this…

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