3A Medium Grain Rice Karolina / Ρύζι Καρολίνα 500g


Discover culinary versatility at its best with 500g of 3A Medium Grain Karolina Rice, the choice grain for authentic Greek meals.

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3A Medium Grain Rice Karolina: Your Ideal Culinary Companion

Discover the Versatility and Richness of 500g 3A Karolina Rice

Karolina rice, particularly the 3A Medium Grain variety, is a culinary marvel waiting to grace your table. Offered in a convenient 500g package, this type of rice marries beautifully with a host of Greek and international dishes.

  • Uniform Cooking: Achieves a consistent texture throughout, making it ideal for various recipes.
  • Versatility: Perfect for Greek classics like pilaf, stuffed grape leaves, or rice puddings.
  • Nutrient-Rich: Packed with essential nutrients, providing more than just taste to your meals.
  • Quick and Convenient: The 500g package ensures you have enough for multiple meals without any waste.

It goes without saying, rice is often the unsung hero of a meal. In the case of 3A Medium Grain Karolina Rice, it holds its own, whether as a standalone dish or a component of a more elaborate recipe.

Suggested Uses:
Make your soups heartier, your puddings creamier, and your stir-fries more robust with this versatile ingredient.

Now, you no longer have to compromise on taste or nutritional value when picking a rice variety. Choose 3A Medium Grain Karolina Rice and let your culinary creativity shine.

Ρύζι Καρολίνα 500g

“Ryzi Karolina” is ideal for stuffed vegetables (gemista) and risotto.

Το ρύζι καρολίνα της 3Α είναι ιδανικό για γεμιστά και ριζότο.

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