Greek Market FAQs

How can I track my parcel?

n order to track and trace you parcel you need to have your tracking number. This will be displayed in your “My Orders” section of your Greek Market account dashboard.
– The Royal Mail tracking number is in the form: AA123456789AA. Click here to track online with Royal Mail.
– The DHL tracking number is in the form: 1234567890. Click here to track online with DHL.
– The TNT tracking number is in the form: 1234567890. Click here to track online with TNT.
– The DPD tracking number is in the form: 1234567890. Click here to track online with DPD.

Incorrect or Missing Items from Order

Items may become unavailable after you checkout. We’ll proceed with delivering your order so that you receive the rest of your items on time.

Where possible, we’ll try to send a similar product in its place. For example if you order one 4L bottle of  Greek Product A we might substitute it with four 1L bottles of Greek Product A.

If your credit card was charged for an item that you didn’t receive and the order details show that the item was dispatched, contact us for a refund.

If you have been unable to receive…

Orders consisting of dry grocery items only

In case you’re not in when the driver tries to deliver your parcels, you can collect them from your nearest depot/collection point or request re-delivery (Mon-Fri, usually 9am-5pm).
Parcels are usually held for 5 days before they’re returned to us. Returned orders will be refunded accordingly minus any delivery, packaging and restocking costs.

Orders including fresh / frozen / chilled items 

In case you’re not in when the driver tries to deliver your parcels, you can collect them from your nearest depot/collection point on the same day or the following day the latest (Mon-Fri, usually 9am-5pm).

Regrettably if you are unable to collect your order for more than 48 hours we cannot guarantee the quality of

  • fresh produce items (because we don’t know how they have been handled or stored once they have left our store)
  • any refrigerated fresh food items such as dairy, meats, frozen goods (because of health and safety regulations)

Affected items (fresh / frozen / chilled) are not eligible for refunds and/or replacements.

Frozen items delivery
  • 24 hours before your Greek frozen products  are scheduled for delivery, we’ll pack and dispatch them separately from the rest of your order in special packaging material that ensures protection from heat for up to 48 hours.
  • Delivery days for orders containing Greek frozen products are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Upon confirmation your order can also be delivered on a Friday.
  • We do not deliver Greek frozen products on a weekend or Monday.
How long does it take to deliver?

Delivery times depend on your location, products ordered and delivery speed selected.

To check what stage your order is in please log into your account or refer to your latest email message from Greek Market (Don’t forget to check the spam folder!).

Please click here for detailed Delivery options, rates & times.

Delivery days do not include weekends. Regrettably, we don’t do weekend deliveries.

Need more help?

Greek Market customers may contact us via the official Contact Form

NOTE: Greek Market Associates (B2B customers, Affiliates, Advertisers etc) please contact your Business Manager directly.
I don’t remember my password, what do I do?

If you have successfully registered with and you can’t remember your password, please follow the password recovery process. You’ll need your email address for this.

How Do I Manage My Account

In order to manage your account, ie edit your delivery address, manage your orders and memberships and more, please log into your account.

Account Funds. How does it work?

By depositing funds into your account you get an instant 15% discount on your orders! Your £100 become £115 automagically!
After you’ve added your funds, log into your account, add products in your basket and proceed to checkout as normal. When you reach the point of payment, please select “Funds” as the payment method and your discount will be applied automatically.

Please make sure that the cost of your order does not exceed the amount of your deposited funds. Splitting the cost between “Funds” and another payment method such as Credit/Debit card is not possible.

Please note that refund requests on unused credit cannot be accepted if you’ve used some of your deposited funds to pay for a discounted order. However, your deposit can be refundable if you have not paid for any discounted orders.