Lemon Cookies / Κουλούρια Λεμόνι Κουλτουράκια 180g

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Experience a burst of Greek citrus in every bite with Koultouraki Lemon cookies. A perfect 180g snack pack from

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Lemon Cookies

Maria Karamolegou Koultourakia

Discover the tangy delight of Koultouraki Lemon cookies, available in a conveniently-sized 180g pack from These cookies are the perfect blend of sweet and citrus, offering an indulgence you can feel good about.

Why Choose Koultouraki Cookies?
Zesty Lemon Flavour: The authentic lemon tang gives each cookie an irresistible edge.
Traditional Greek Recipe: Made following age-old Greek culinary traditions for that genuine taste.
Bite-Size Goodness: Each cookie is just the right size for snacking or sharing.
180g Pack: Perfect for when you need a quick, satisfying sweet treat.
No Artificial Additives: Enjoy natural, high-quality ingredients without worrying about preservatives.
Koultouraki Lemon cookies are more than just a snack; they are a miniature feast of Greek flavours, packed into every bite-sized piece. The zesty lemon aroma will instantly transport you to sunny Greek landscapes.

The 180g pack is just the right size for both individual enjoyment and sharing. Plus, the sealable packaging keeps the cookies fresh, so you can enjoy them over time without losing any of their delightful crunch or flavour.

Experience the taste of Greek tradition in each tangy bite. Grab your 180g pack of Koultouraki Lemon cookies from today!

Μαρία Καραμολέγκου Κουλτουράκια Λεμόνι 180g

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