Kyknos Ketchup Sugar Free / Κύκνος Κέτσαπ 550g


Kyknos Sugar-Free Ketchup – 550g: A healthier twist to the classic ketchup, bringing out the authentic Greek flavour.

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Kyknos Ketchup Sugar Free

Introducing the Kyknos Sugar-Free Ketchup – the perfect addition to your meals for those who are health-conscious or looking to reduce their sugar intake. Crafted in Greece, Kyknos brings a tangy, rich flavour without the added sugars.


  • Healthy Choice: Specifically made without added sugars to cater to those watching their sugar consumption.
  • Rich and Tangy: This ketchup maintains a rich tomato taste, making it a delightful companion to your fries, burgers, and other dishes.
  • Generous Size: With 550g, this bottle ensures you have enough for several meals.
  • Authentic Greek Quality: Produced by Kyknos, a trusted brand known for its premium quality products in Greece.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for both cooking and as a condiment.

Κύκνος Κέτσαπ 550g

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