Faidon Petit-Four Truffle 550g / Πτι Φουρ Τρούφα


Unveil a world of opulence with Petit-Four’s Truffle Selection in a generous 350g box. Each piece is a mini-masterpiece in flavour and texture.

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Faidon Petit-Four Truffle: A Symphony of Luxurious Flavours

Elevate Your Dessert Experience with Petit-Four’s 550g Truffle Selection

Petit-Four Truffle is the dessert connoisseur’s dream. A 550g package of these truffles is a voyage into decadence, the ultimate luxury in sweet indulgence.

  • Gourmet Experience: Each truffle is crafted to perfection, offering a burst of complex flavours.
  • Premium Ingredients: Made with the finest cocoa and sumptuous fillings, the quality is evident in every bite.
  • Ideal Gift: The 550g box is the perfect size for sharing or gifting on special occasions.
  • Innovative Flavours: Each box includes a variety of textures and tastes, promising a culinary adventure.

Imagine a delicate shell of premium chocolate that gives way to an intensely flavourful core. Each bite melts in your mouth, leaving a lingering aftertaste that beckons for more. A Petit-Four Truffle isn’t just a piece of chocolate; it’s an experience that goes beyond the senses. Paired with coffee or fine wine, it’s an affair to remember.

The versatility of these truffles shines through, as they are perfect for a variety of settings. Serve them at dinner parties to wow your guests, gift them to your loved ones, or simply indulge in a box all by yourself. The 550g package ensures you’ll have plenty to go around.

Φαίδων Πτι Φουρ Τρούφα σοκολάτα

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