Elite Classic Rusks Rye / Φρυγανιές Σίκαλης 180g

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Elite Classic Rusks Rye brings traditional Greek rusks to your table. Packed in a handy 180g package for all your culinary adventures.

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Savour the Goodness of Elite Classic Rusks Rye

Elevate Your Meals with Traditional Greek Rusks

Discover the staple that’s an integral part of Greek dining – Elite Classic Rusks Rye (Φρυγανιές Σίκαλης). These rusks are more than just a side dish; they are a testimony to Greek culinary wisdom and an expression of rustic simplicity.

  • Nutrient-Rich: Made from rye, a grain high in fibre and nutrients.
  • Texture and Taste: Crunchy and wholesome, perfect for absorbing flavours.
  • Packaging: Convenient 180g pack, ideal for family servings or solitary indulgence.
  • Traditional Method: Produced using time-tested methods for an authentic taste.

Rusks have long held a special place in Greek cuisine, often appearing alongside olives, tomatoes, and cheese in the traditional Greek table spread. But what sets these rye rusks apart is the healthful goodness of rye grain, known for its high fibre content and lower glycemic index compared to wheat.

The Elite Classic Rusks Rye offers a way to integrate health and taste effortlessly. You can enjoy them as a quick snack, make bruschetta-like toasts with tomato, feta, and oregano, or soak them in olive oil for a softer, more succulent bite. The choice is all yours!

Φρυγανιές Σίκαλης 180g

Οι κλασικές φρυγανιές Elite σίκαλης αποτελούν ένα τραγανό και απολαυστικό snack για κάθε στιγμή της ημέρας. Παράγονται από αγνά υλικά και αποτελούν ιδανική λύση για το πρωινό ή συνοδευτικό για κάθε γεύμα σας. Για όλους εσάς που επιλέγετε μια ισορροπημένη διατροφή σε αλάτι και σάκχαρα, απολαύστε τις κλασικές φρυγανιές Elite Σίτου με μόνο 0,4% αλάτι ή Σίκαλης με μόνο 0,7% αλάτι, χωρίς προσθήκη ζάχαρης.

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