Edessis Rose Preserve / Εδέσσης Γλύκο του κουταλιού Τριαντάφυλλο 453g

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Experience the enchanting flavor of Edessis Rose Preserve, a 453g jar of traditional Greek spoon sweet made from fragrant rose petals, perfect for adding a floral touch to any dish.

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Edessis Rose Preserve: A Floral Symphony in Every Jar

Indulge in the Delicate Essence of Rose

Edessis Rose Preserve, offered in a 453g jar, is a sublime expression of the traditional Greek “glyko tou koutaliou” (spoon sweet). This preserve captures the delicate and enchanting aroma of roses, transforming them into a sweet, floral delicacy that is as luxurious as it is delicious. It embodies the art of preserving the fleeting beauty of roses in a form that can be savoured year-round.

Elegance and Sophistication
Made from carefully selected rose petals, Edessis Rose Preserve is a testament to elegance and sophistication. The petals are simmered in syrup until they reach the perfect balance of softness and flavour, resulting in a preserve that is both visually stunning and wonderfully aromatic.

Versatile Culinary Delight
The allure of Edessis Rose Preserve goes beyond its traditional role as a dessert. It serves as a versatile ingredient that can enhance a variety of dishes. Use it to add a floral note to pastries, as a topping for creamy desserts, or even incorporate it into cocktails for a touch of sophistication. Its unique flavour complements both sweet and savoury creations.

A Symbol of Greek Hospitality
Spoon sweets like Edessis Rose Preserve are deeply rooted in Greek culture as a symbol of hospitality and welcome. Offering a spoonful of this rose preserve to guests is a gesture of warmth and generosity, reflecting the rich tradition of Greek hospitality.

Crafted with Passion and Tradition
Edessis is committed to preserving the authentic flavours and aromas of its ingredients, using time-honoured methods and recipes passed down through generations. This dedication ensures that each jar of Rose Preserve is of the highest quality, offering an authentic taste experience.

A Taste of Nature’s Beauty
Roses have long been celebrated for their beauty and fragrance. Edessis Rose Preserve allows you to experience these qualities in a new way, offering a taste of nature’s beauty that is both enchanting and memorable.

Εδέσσης Γλύκο του κουταλιού Τριαντάφυλλο 453g

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