Edessis Preserves Sour Cherry / Εδέσσης Γλυκό κουταλιού Βύσσινο 453g

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Discover the tangy and sweet taste of Edessis Preserves Sour Cherry. A 453g jar of traditional Greek spoon sweet, perfect for enhancing desserts or enjoying as a standalone treat.

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Edessis Preserves Sour Cherry: A Tangy Delight from Greece

Embark on a Flavorful Journey with Traditional Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet

Edessis Preserves Sour Cherry, available in a 453g jar, is a cherished embodiment of the Greek “glyko tou koutaliou” tradition. This exquisite preserve combines the tangy zest of sour cherries with the sweetness of syrup, offering a balanced and refreshing taste that captures the essence of Greek summer.

A Staple of Greek Hospitality
Spoon sweets are a symbol of welcome and generosity in Greek culture. Edessis Preserves Sour Cherry continues this tradition by offering a preserve that perfectly balances the sour cherries’ natural tartness with just the right amount of sweetness. It’s an invitation to experience Greek hospitality at its finest.

Versatile Culinary Gem
While traditionally enjoyed by the spoonful alongside a glass of water or coffee, Edessis Sour Cherry Preserves are remarkably versatile. Use them as a delectable topping for yoghurt, ice cream, or cheesecake, incorporate them into pastries for a tangy twist, or pair them with cheeses for a gourmet appetizer.

Pure and Simple Ingredients
Edessis is dedicated to preserving the authentic flavours of the sour cherry, using minimal ingredients to ensure the fruit’s natural taste shines through. The result is a preserve that delights with its simplicity and richness, making every bite a testament to the quality of the ingredients.

A Taste of Greek Tradition
Edessis Preserves Sour Cherry is not just a sweet treat; it’s a journey into the heart of Greek culinary tradition. Each jar is a celebration of the timeless art of preserve making, offering a taste experience that is both nostalgic and novel.

Eco-Conscious and Sustainable
Committed to sustainability, Edessis ensures that its sour cherry preserves are produced with respect for the environment. This commitment extends from the careful selection of fruit to eco-friendly production practices, ensuring that each jar is as good for the planet as it is for your palate.

Εδέσσης Γλυκό κουταλιού Βύσσινο 453g

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