Edem Olive Paste / ΕΔΕΜ Πάστα Ελιάς Καλαμών 135g


Elevate your meals and snacks with Edem Olive Paste, a premium blend of Kalamon olives, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

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Edem Olive Paste

Elevate Your Snacking Game

Unleash the Mediterranean magic with Edem Olive Paste. Crafted by skilled chefs from Edem, this paste brings together the world-renowned Kalamon olives to delight your taste buds. It’s your one-stop-shop for a healthy yet gourmet flavour experience.

  • Made with premium Kalamon olives
  • Blended with exceptional olive oil
  • Infused with balsamic vinegar, herbs, and spices
  • Ideal for sandwiches, bruschetta, and more

Quality Ingredients

Made with the finest Kalamon olives, our olive paste embodies the true essence of Mediterranean cuisine. We ensure each jar contains the perfect balance of olives, high-quality olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

Mouthwatering Flavour

This isn’t just any olive paste; it’s a gourmet experience. The balsamic vinegar adds a tangy zest, while a mix of herbs and spices elevates the overall taste. It’s an alluring combination that will leave you wanting more.

Versatility Guaranteed

Use it on toasted bread, snack on it with grissini, or make it the star ingredient in your sandwiches. It’s also perfect for bruschetta, canapés, and pies. This olive paste is a versatile addition to any pantry.

Health Benefits

Kalamon olives are not just delicious; they’re also loaded with antioxidants and good fats. Paired with olive oil, this paste becomes a healthy snacking option you can enjoy guilt-free.

How to Use

Simply spread it on your favourite bread or use it as a dip for a quick and satisfying snack. Or get creative and incorporate it into your dishes. The possibilities are endless with Edem Olive Paste.

ΕΔΕΜ Πάστα Ελιάς Καλαμών 135g

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