Chupa Chups Tutti Frutti / Τσίχλες Babol 27.6g

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Chupa Chups Tutti Frutti is a 27.6g pack of fruity delight chewing gums, offering long-lasting taste and a blend of high-quality ingredients.

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Chupa Chups Tutti Frutti

Sink your teeth into a world of flavour with Chupa Chups Gum in Tutti Frutti flavour. Not just an ordinary gum, this tantalizing treat takes your taste buds on an unforgettable journey.

  • 27.6g Pack: A Generous Size for Extended Enjoyment
  • Tutti Frutti Flavour: A Blend of Various Fruits
  • Long-Lasting Taste: Keeps Freshness Alive
  • High-Quality Ingredients: No Compromise on Flavour
  • Suitable for All Ages: Fun for Kids and Adults Alike

Specially brought to you in a handy 27.6g pack, this Babol Tutti Frutti gum promises to offer not just taste but also endless chewing fun. It’s not just a pack of gum; it’s an experience.

A Symphony of Fruits The secret to its irresistible taste is the medley of fruity flavours. Imagine combining the sweetness of strawberry, the tanginess of orange, and the juiciness of pineapple into one gum. That’s what Tutti Frutti is all about.

All About Freshness Next, the long-lasting flavour ensures that the goodness stays with you long after your first chew. The aim is to keep your mouth feeling fresh and invigorated, making it ideal for quick pick-me-ups during a busy day.

Quality and Fun in One Committed to quality, Chupa Chups guarantees that each gum piece is manufactured to the highest standards. So, whether you’re a kid wanting something fun or an adult looking for a fruity twist, this gum has something for everyone.

Share the joy of a Tutti Frutti gum today. With Chupa Chups, every chew is a celebration of taste and texture.

Τσίχλες Babol 27.6g


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