Chrysi Zymi Rollini Spinach 800g / Χρυσή Ζύμη Μακεδονίτικα Ρολίνια με Σπανάκι

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Chrysi Zymi Rollini with Spinach are crispy, golden Macedonian-style rollini made with extra-virgin olive oil, perfect for appetisers, snacks, or adding a touch of Greek flavour to your meals.

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Chrysi Zymi Rollini Spinach & Mizithra cheese

Savour the Authentic Flavour of Greek Pastry

Chrysi Zymi Rollini with Spinach

Chrysi Zymi Rollini with Spinach, available in an 800g package, offers an authentic taste of Greek cuisine. These Macedonian-style rollini are made with extra-virgin olive oil, ensuring they are always crispy with a warm golden colour and wonderful flavour.

Authentic and Delicious

  • Rich Spinach Filling: Filled with a delicious blend of fresh spinach, offering a rich and savoury flavour.
  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: Made using extra-virgin olive oil, which enhances their flavour and texture.
  • Crispy Pastry: The pastry is always crispy and golden, providing a delightful contrast to the savoury filling.

Easy Preparation

  1. Preheat the Oven: Preheat your oven to 355°F (180°C).
  2. Bake to Perfection: Without defrosting, place the rollini on a baking tray lined with parchment paper or lightly greased with a little oil. Bake in the middle position of the oven for approximately 35 minutes until they are golden brown. Adjust the baking time and temperature according to your oven.
  3. Note: This product is not suitable for microwave ovens.

Versatile and Delicious

Chrysi Zymi Rollini are perfect for various occasions:

  • Party Appetisers: Serve them at gatherings as a delicious and easy-to-eat appetiser.
  • Quick Snacks: Enjoy them as a quick, satisfying snack anytime.
  • Meal Accompaniment: Pair them with soups, salads, or main dishes to add a touch of Greek flavour.

Authentic Taste, Convenient Preparation

Enjoy the authentic taste of Greek pastry with Chrysi Zymi Rollini with Spinach. Their easy preparation and delicious flavour make them a perfect addition to any meal or snack.

Χρυσή Ζύμη Μακεδονίτικα Ρολίνια με Σπανάκι & Μυζήθρα 800g

Φύλλο ζυμωμένο με μαλακό αλεύρι και εξαιρετικό παρθένο ελαιόλαδο, ενώ η γέμιση φτιάχνεται με τα πιο αγνά παραδοσιακά υλικά της πατρίδας μας!

  • Προθερμαίνετε τον φούρνο σας στους 180°C .
  • Χωρίς να τα αποψύξετε, τοποθετείτε τα Μακεδονίτικα Ρολίνια σε ταψί με λαδόκολλα ή αλειμμένο με λίγο λάδι.
  • Ψήνετε στη μεσαία θέση του φούρνου σας στους 180°C για περίπου 35 λεπτά ώσπου να ροδίσουν.
  • Προσαρμόζετε τη διάρκεια ψησίματος και τη θερμοκρασία  ανάλογα με τον φούρνο σας.

Το προϊόν δεν ψήνεται σε φούρνο μικροκυμάτων.

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