Bread Rings with Seeds Kritsini / Κούρκουλος Κριτσίνια με Σπόρους 120g

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Bread Rings (Kritsini) with Seeds in a 120g pack offer a nutritious twist on Greek kritsinia, combining a crunchy texture with the benefits of mixed seeds.

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Bread Rings with Seeds Kritsini with Seeds: A Nutrient-Packed Snack

Enjoy a Crunchy Blend of Seeds in Traditional Greek Kritsinia

Delight in the Wholesome Goodness of Bread Rings (Kritsini) with Seeds

Bread Rings (Kritsini) with Seeds, known as “Κούρκουλος Κριτσίνια με Σπόρους” in Greek, in a 120g packet, are a nutritious twist on the classic Greek kritsinia. Infused with a variety of seeds, these bread rings are not only tasty but also packed with health benefits, making them a perfect snack for health-conscious individuals.

Rich in Seeds and Flavour:

  • These kritsinia are generously coated with a mix of seeds, providing a delightful texture and a nutrient boost.
  • The seeds add a nutty flavour and extra crunch, enhancing the overall snacking experience.

Versatile and Satisfying:

  • Enjoy these seed-flavoured kritsinia on their own, or pair them with dips, cheeses, or spreads for a hearty snack.
  • They also make a great accompaniment to salads and soups, adding texture and flavour.

A Nutritious Snack Option:

  • Seeds are known for their health benefits, including being rich in healthy fats, protein, fibre, and various vitamins and minerals.
  • These kritsinia offer a delicious way to incorporate more seeds into your diet.

Authentic Greek Snacking with a Modern Twist:

  • Embracing the essence of traditional Greek kritsinia, this seed-infused version adds a contemporary and healthful twist.
  • Ideal for those looking to enjoy traditional Greek flavours with added nutritional value.

Convenient and Portable:

  • The 120g packet is perfect for snacking on the go, in lunchboxes, or as a quick, nutritious bite at home.
  • Their packaging ensures the kritsinia remain fresh and flavourful for your enjoyment.

Κούρκουλος Κριτσίνια με Σπόρους 120g

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