Barba Stathis Tomata ston Trifti / Ντομάτα στον Τρίφτη 500g


Discover the essence of Greek cuisine with Barba Stathis Tomatoes from Trifti. Perfect for sauces and Mediterranean dishes, made from 100% Greek tomatoes.

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Barba Stathis Tomata ston Trifti: Relish the Richness of Sun-Kissed Tomatoes

Elevate Your Dishes with 500g of Pure Tomato Excellence

The essence of a ripe, sun-kissed tomato brings life to any dish. Whether you’re concocting a hearty pasta sauce or simply enhancing a Mediterranean salad, Barba Stathis Tomata ston Trifti packs a punch with its 500g offering of top-notch tomato goodness.

  • Farm-Fresh Quality: Harvested at peak ripeness to capture the full spectrum of tomato flavours.
  • Convenience: Packed in a 500g bag, it’s the perfect quantity for home cooking.
  • Versatility: Ideal for sauces, soups, salads, and more.
  • Sustainably Sourced: A responsible choice for the conscious consumer.

Imagine cooking with the confidence that comes with having the freshest, most flavourful tomatoes at your fingertips. That’s the Barba Stathis promise. The 500g pack is especially curated to bring the heart of Mediterranean cuisine right into your kitchen.

If you’re yearning for the genuine taste of high-quality tomatoes, your search ends here. Barba Stathis Tomata ston Trifti is not just a product; it’s an experience that takes you on a culinary journey through the lush fields where these remarkable tomatoes are grown.

Introducing our newly improved recipe for an even more homely texture, taste, and aroma! Just like you’d grate them at home, simple and homely! These tomatoes are the ideal choice for sauces, stews, and red dishes, infusing your creations with the aroma and flavour of freshly picked homegrown tomatoes.

  • 500g pack of premium Greek tomatoes.
  • Perfect for sauces, Mediterranean dishes, and traditional Greek recipes.
  • Elevate your cooking with the authentic taste of Greek tomatoes.
  • Made from 100% Greek tomatoes, ensuring quality and freshness.

Ντομάτα στον Τρίφτη 500g

Νέα σύνθεση για ακόμη πιο σπιτική υφή, γεύση και άρωμα! Όπως την τρίβετε εσείς, τόσο απλά, τόσο σπιτικά! Ιδανική για σάλτσες, λαδερά και κοκκινιστά, δίνει στις δημιουργίες σας το άρωμα και τη γεύση της σπιτικής φρεσκοτριμμένης ντομάτας.


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