Greek Market Prime

Members get:

  • Free UK delivery on all orders, no minimum purchase!

  • Access to Exclusive Greek Products

  • Access to Special Pricing & Exclusive Discounts

  • 17% OFF membership compared to Prime monthly

– You’ve just placed an order but you forgot to include one or more Greek products? Or perhaps your needs changed immediately after you placed your Greek Market order?
– No worries! Simply log into your account and order again! And again, and again!

It doesn’t matter if your orders consist of just one or hundreds of Greek products.

Order as many times and as many products as you like!
We’ll deliver everything to your home or office address without any additional delivery charges.

One delivery per week. Unlimited Greek products. Unlimited orders!

£6.63 per month, minimum subscription duration 1 year.
Orders are subject to standard delivery time frames.

Greek Market Prime is currently available in the UK only.