Melissa Linguine Whole Wheat / Λιγκουίνι Ολικής Άλεσης 500g


Melissa Linguine Whole Wheat 500g: Dive into the goodness of whole grains with this authentic, rich-textured pasta.

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Melissa Linguine Whole Wheat

Introducing Melissa Linguine Whole Wheat – a hearty and healthful choice for pasta lovers everywhere. Crafted from premium whole grains, this linguine is not just a treat for the taste buds but also a boon for well-being.

Key features:

  • Rich in Fibre: Made from whole wheat, it naturally contains more fibre, aiding digestion and promoting heart health.
  • Authentic Texture and Taste: Experience the genuine texture and flavour of Italian-inspired linguine with a Greek twist.
  • Perfect for Various Dishes: From light olive oil tosses to robust sauces, this linguine pairs perfectly.
  • 500g Pack: Adequately sized for family meals or multiple servings, ensuring you have enough for every recipe.

Discover the combination of tradition and health with Melissa Linguine Whole Wheat. Bring the Mediterranean diet’s benefits to your dining table, and revel in rich, flavourful dishes.

Λιγκουίνι Ολικής Άλεσης 500g

Λιγκουίνι Melissa Oλικής Aλέσης. Τα Melissa ολικής άλεσης φέρνουν κοντά σας όλα τα οφέλη μιας υγιεινής και ισορροπημένης διατροφής. Έχουν πλούσια γεύση καθώς παρασκευάζονται από ολόκληρο τον καρπό του σιταριού και είναι πηγή φυτικών ινών. Αποτελούν πηγή πρωτεινών, πηγή φυτικών ινών και είναι χαμηλά σε λιπαρά.

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