Bread Rings (Kritsini) with Cheese / Κούρκουλος Κριτσίνια με Τυρί 120g

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Bread Rings (Kritsini) with Cheese offer a rich and savoury snacking experience. Infused with delightful cheese flavour, they’re an ideal choice in a convenient 120g packet.

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Bread Rings (Kritsini) with Cheese: A Savoury Delicacy

Relish the Rich Cheese Flavour in Every Bite

Savour the Delectable Taste of Bread Rings (Kritsini) with Cheese

Bread Rings (Kritsini) with Cheese, known in Greek as “Κούρκουλος Κριτσίνια Κρίκοι με Τυρί”, available in a 120g packet, are a delightful snack for cheese lovers. These Greek kritsinia, infused with rich cheese flavour, offer a satisfyingly savoury crunch that’s perfect for any time of day.

Cheesy and Irresistible:

  • Each bread ring is seasoned with a generous amount of cheese, providing a rich and savoury taste that’s both indulgent and comforting.
  • The cheese adds a depth of flavour that makes these kritsinia a favourite among snack enthusiasts.

Versatile Snacking Pleasure:

  • Enjoy these cheese-flavoured kritsinia on their own, or pair them with a variety of dips and spreads for added enjoyment.
  • They’re also a fantastic complement to soups and salads or can be used as a tasty addition to a charcuterie board.

A Greek Snacking Tradition with a Twist:

  • Embracing the essence of traditional Greek kritsinia, this cheese-infused version adds a delightful twist to the classic recipe.
  • Ideal for those who appreciate the rich flavours of Greek cuisine with a familiar yet distinctive twist.

Convenient and Portable:

  • The 120g packet is perfect for on-the-go snacking, allowing you to enjoy a savoury treat at work, at home, or while travelling.
  • Their packaging ensures that the kritsinia remain fresh and flavourful, ready for snacking at any time.

A Tasteful Snack Choice:

  • For those seeking a snack that’s savoury and satisfying, these cheese kritsinia are an excellent choice.
  • They provide a delightful way to enjoy a savoury snack without excess.

Κούρκουλος Κριτσίνια Κρίκοι με Τυρί 120g

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