Bread Rings with Cinnamon Kritsini / Κούρκουλος Κριτσίνια με Κανέλα 120g


Bread Rings (Kritsini) with Cinnamon offer a sweetly spiced snacking experience. Made with the warming flavour of cinnamon, they’re a perfect choice in a convenient 120g packet.

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Bread Rings with Cinnamon Kritsini: A Sweetly Spiced Treat

Delight in the Warm Aroma and Flavour of Cinnamon

Relish the Charming Flavour of Bread Rings (Kritsini) with Cinnamon

Bread Rings (Kritsini) with Cinnamon, known as “Κούρκουλος Κριτσίνια Κρίκοι με Κανέλα” in Greek, in a 120g packet, are a delightful variation on the classic Greek kritsinia. These rings, infused with the inviting aroma and sweet spice of cinnamon, are perfect for those who appreciate a subtly sweet and warmly spiced snack.

Infused with Cinnamon:

  • Each bread ring is perfectly seasoned with cinnamon, offering a delightful balance of sweet and spicy flavours.
  • The cinnamon not only adds a delightful flavour but also an aromatic warmth that enhances the overall snacking experience.

Versatile and Enjoyable:

  • These cinnamon-flavoured kritsinia are delightful on their own, or can be enjoyed with a variety of hot beverages like tea and coffee.
  • They’re also a splendid accompaniment to fruit compotes or as part of a more substantial snack platter.

A Traditional Greek Treat with a Twist:

  • Embracing the heritage of Greek kritsinia, this cinnamon-infused version brings a novel twist to the traditional recipe.
  • Ideal for those seeking to explore the nuances of Greek culinary traditions with a familiar yet distinctive flavour.

Convenient and Portable:

  • The 120g packet is ideal for on-the-go snacking, adding a touch of sweetness to your day whether at work, at home, or while travelling.
  • Their packaging ensures the kritsinia remain fresh and flavourful, ready to be enjoyed at any moment.

A Healthier Snack Option:

  • For those seeking a snack that’s delightful yet not overly indulgent, these cinnamon kritsinia strike the perfect balance.
  • They offer a tasteful way to enjoy a sweet treat without excess.

Κούρκουλος Κριτσίνια Κρίκοι με Κανέλα 120g

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