Owl of Athens Postcard (5-pack)

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  • Handmade item
  • Material: cardstock

This is a quality printed postcard on 350g cardstock.
If there is Greek wording on the font of the postcard (and no English) then there will be an English translation on the back.
A little look at the symbolization of the owl in Greece:
Did you know that in Ancient Greece the
goddess Athena kept an owl on her shoulder that
revealed truths to her, thanks to its wisdom and knowledge?
Even coins of Athens were embossed with an owl design
after 510BC (tetradrachms) and in allegiance to its
patron virgin goddess Athena, herself considered to be
bright-eyed and farsighted like an owl, owls were commonly
reproduced on vases and amphora and still symbolise
a high pedigree of wisdom in contemporary Greece.

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