Krocus Organic Herbal Tea with Greek Saffron / Ρόφημα με κρόκο κοζάνης μέλι-πορτοκάλι 10×1.8g


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BOX of 10 x 1.8gr SACHETS

The Saffron Cooperative of Kozani (in Greece) recently introduced an Organic Herbal Tea Collection with Krocus Kozanis, a ‘first’ for the international food & drink market. One of the world’s most precious spices with scientifically proven beneficial action is mixed with various organic herbs, to create innovative, healthy, premium taste blends that help establish the precious spice as an essential everyday nutrient. All seven Herbal Teas are organic farming products and certified by DHO -national certification body that guarantees the use of organic ingredients and the adoption of sustainable, environmental-friendly production processes.

Research on saffron’s efficacy is multi-faceted and new findings are constantly being made. In addition to most recent discoveries, the spice’s beneficial action – anticonvulsive, digestive and antiseptic – known through yesteryear’s traditional use is now supported by lab experts. Saffron stigmas are proven to have strong antioxidant properties, while also helping neutralize free radicals and boost memory.
The International Taste & Quality Institute -one of the most respectable bodies in the Food & Drink Industry- has awarded the οrganic Herbal Tea Collection with a Superior Taste Award. Tried & tested by an international experts’ committee the organic herbal tea blends achieved an outstanding score, in recognition of the benefits and quality of the leading ingredient -Krocus Kozanis, the world’s best saffron variety- as well as their unique, superior taste. Furthermore, the organic Herbal Tea with Greek Red Saffron & Sage was awarded with a golden star in the context of the British Great Taste Awards 2010.
Βιολογικό ρόφημα με μέλι, πορτοκάλι και κρόκο κοζάνης. Προϊόν βιολογικής γεωργίας.

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