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Organic Greek Thyme Honey / ΚΑΤΣΑ Βιολογικό Θυμαρίσιο Μέλι 420g


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Organic Greek Thyme Honey / ΚΑΤΣΑ Βιολογικό Ελληνικό Θυμαρίσιο Μέλι 420g

Organic Greek Thyme honey holds a distinct, mildly spicy taste with the tang of fresh herbs.
In Greece, thyme honey is the top selling honey! This organic variety lives up to that reputation with both its wonderfully fresh, full bodied flavour and variety of health benefits.

With antibacterial properties that help support a healthy metabolism and reduce any swelling or inflammation.
Thymol, found in oil of thyme, specifically helps the thymus gland which is vital to a successfully functioning immune system.
Thyme honey contains a variety of anti-allergenic compounds.

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